I’ve mentioned this before, but a great person to follow on Twitter (especially during this particular playoff season) is @TheRoyalHalf.

Earlier today he shared a new video from the YouTube channel of ajweinstein96, which predictably was of the ”Let’s Go Kings” themed variety.

The video is called “Los Angeles Rises,” and it’s awfully dramatic. It makes perfect sense that the team 30 minutes from Hollywood would be creating trailers like this during their Stanley Cup push.


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  1. Two thoughts:

    1) Cool video.
    2) I want the new Batman movie to come out faster now.

    • Whomever put the Batman trailer in front of Avengers is to blame for me not remembering a thing about the first 20 minutes. I was too geeked out for DKR.

  2. Cool. But I still prefer the Cartman videos :-) Just do a search for “cartman kings” on youtube

    • oh, you mean the worst kings videos of all time? I feel like my season tickets go down in value every time they play that crap.

  3. “LETS GO KINGS”?? Great video, but please use an apostrophe. I know it might be a bit much to complain about grammatical errors, but I have to say that I can’t give as much credit to people who write (for public consumption) with poor grammar.

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