When Travis Zajac of the New Jersey Devils took a penalty last night, it couldn’t have made his coach Peter DeBoer too happy. What’s worse for Zajac, is that the penalty box door was jammed, leaving him to stand - namebar facing his bench, no less - for eight minutes while the staff at Madison Square Garden tried to bust it open.

A few quick thoughts:

* The guy kicking the door – how is he not falling over? I assume he’s wearing spikes (trainers and other staff have these strap-on spike thingy’s they put on their shoes), but if he is, is he not just shredding the boards?

* The commentary is hilarious. My favourite line by far is the sarcastic “Yeah, just kick it one more time, really hard.”

* How much pressure would you feel being The One Guy trying to solve the problem for 20,000 fans? And you just know (in New York in particular) each one has offered a solution, out loud, to someone nearby.

That the ordeal went on so long was probably a good thing for Zajac. In the same way the Peter-fights-the-chicken-on-Family-Guy gag works, it went on long enough to pass annoying, and enter the realm of funny.

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  1. Why did they even have to bother with that? Couldn’t it just have been “okay, go sit on your own bench and you’re not allowed back on the ice until the penalty expires”? Did anyone really think he’d try to sneak back on under those circumstances?

    • And before anyone points it out, yes, I realise that there’s an issue with the player not having to skate back to his own bench in that situation, but, c’mon.

  2. Fortunately Deboer seemed to think the whole thing pretty funny. As did Torterella, which surprised me given what a dick he is.

  3. They solved it the way my wife said they would after ten seconds: The moment they made Zajac sit in the Rangers box, it’d be fixed.

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