In our latest edition of 5-on-5, Pizzo and I quickly covered:

* Shot-blocking

* The World Championships

* Dean Lombardi

* John Tortorella

* And each remaining team’s x-factor

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  1. “random selection of canadiens” ? :) Oh c’on mr bourne

    I know that North America really doesn’t care, but whole Europe lives about the WCH.

    btw, why NHL finish earlier ? just being cocky ;)

    good edition guys.

  2. Forgive me for reposting, but my post was late and kinda got buried on an old thread.

    On the excessive shot-blocking, the reason for the increased shot blocking is the thick, hard plastic equipment. The armour these guys have now is actually frightening, and is a big reason for the increase in concussions, I’m sure.

    Back in the day, when Ken Morrow or someone decided to block a shot, it was heroic because he was wearing pads that were basically sponge, and there was a high probability for a season-ending injury. Now, Vegas odds are that as long as you cover your face, the armour will protect you without so much as it even hurting a whole lot.

    However, now that we’ve seen the game is back to soccer on ice, the NHL needs to grow a pair and make the nets marginally bigger. I know that’s sacrilegeous to some, but it’s past due time,.

    Other sports have adjusted their game to fix inequity and maintain balance. The NHL is our of balance when the majority of these games are decided by the first goal scored in the final period. MLB has raised and lowered the pitching mound a bunch of times in response to home run output. This is the same thing.

    Make the nets bigger.

    On the World Championships, I cannot totally blame them for the bad timing. The NHL season with playoffs has now gotten to the ridiculous stage. By May 20, the NHL should at least be starting the finals, if not well into them, and we’re just really getting into the semis in the East. Stanley Cup playoffs well into June is overkill. Are they supposed to schedule the World’s in July? It gets ridiculous.

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