I’ve spent enough words on the Kings’ absolute domination of the 2012 Playoffs so far. Last week, I wrote about how this team should never be referred to as an underdog story or an overachiever. On Wednesday, I wrote about the Kings’ 10-1 start to the post-season and how it was one of the best in the last 30 years.

With their 2-1 Game 3 win over the Coyotes on Thursday night, L.A. has now matched the 1983 Oilers and the 1995 Red Wings as the only teams since 1980 to start the playoffs 11-1.

The catch is that neither of those two teams won the Stanley Cup that season. The ’83 Oilers were swept in the Stanley Cup Final by the Islanders, while the ’95 Red Wings were swept by the Devils in the Final.

The question left to be asked is does early domination in the post-season, and subsequently, a large number of days off between rounds, eventually catch up to a team instead of helping them?

In 1983, the Oilers had five days off between rounds one and two, four days off between rounds two and three, and then a full week off between round three and the Cup Final (16 total between-series days off).

In 1995, the Red Wings had six days off between the first two rounds, five days off between the second and third rounds and then another six days off before the Final (17 total between-series days off).

So far this year, the Kings have already had between-series breaks of six days and seven days. If they finish off the Coyotes in a sweep on Sunday, I believe they could end up with a double-digit day break between the West Final and the Cup Final, assuming the Rangers and Devils go six or seven games (which they very well could). That would make for an unprecedented number of total days off in one post-season run.

Of course, the demise of the ’83 Oilers and the ’95 Red Wings may have been nothing more than simply running into better teams in the Final (though it’s hard to say the ’95 Devils looked much better than the Red Wings before the Final), but it does make for an interesting comparison.

Then again, if the Kings do complete the sweep on Sunday, these comparisons might be moot points anyway, because the only teams to ever start a post-season 12-1 were the 1967-68 Canadiens and the 1975-76 Habs, both of whom went 12-1 over three rounds to win the Stanley Cup.

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