I genuinely feel bad for this woman, I do. If you don’t cover a sport routinely, calling the highlights can be hard, especially live. But still…don’t you give the names/pronounciations/general-things-to-say a double-check before you go on-air?

Anze Kopidor? Brad Doty? The ball? “Doesn’t matter who’s playing at Staples, there are celebrities around…”


(Stick-tap to @mirtle and @NHLAdamK)

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  1. The broadcast even pulled out the old NHL shield. Is that strike 3 for LA media blunders this week?

    • Kings fans are laughing their asses off about this. We’d be pissed about it, but we’re so used to it already it’s just funny at this point. I mean seriously, “the ball”?!?!

  2. Credit where credit is due: she did correctly pronounce “Anze.” (It’s pronounced as “Ahn -Jay”) But given the rest of the report, we can assume that was an honest mistake on her part.

  3. We cant stereo type women sportscasters here… I seen alot of ladies who do the highlights with great enthusiasm and added energy…But when a station chooses to pick a person ,who has probably never been in a hockey arena, to do a hockey highlight your asking for bloops and blunders. This station shows that not only do they not care about the mistakes of “ball” instead of puck, or with the mispronunciation of the names of the professionals who play but it also tells the immediate area that hockey is not a sport that we care about to do any research before the highlights air.
    The worst thing that the sportscaster said was that “NO MATTER WHAT GOES ON AT THE STAPLES CENTER CELEBRITIES SHOW UP”! Now this is a statement of ignorance.
    If this was an employee of mine she would be pushing the cart around the news room handing out the letters of the day!

  4. Oh my goodness–that is hilarious. Really, honestly hilarious.

    Why do the kings have to have all the best hockey-related stories this year? :P

  5. You should make an article about your struggles with the word highlights!

  6. I have to give her props for owning how terrible she was. She didn’t shy away from it, even making a joke that King “got a touchdown.” That moves it from cringe-funny to actually funny for me.

  7. You need to read her rebuttal tweets from Twitter — the best of which, she makes another name error in. Highlighted in my blog: http://bit.ly/KMnMso

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