Mr. Rob Pizzo and Mr. John Noon came into work on a Canadian holiday to talk puck (if that qualifies as work), because they’re good dudes. We discussed:

* Winning “Coyote Ugly”

* Shane Doan scoring twice (and Mike Smith doing okay too)

* Henrik Lundqvist’s special season

* Ilya Kovalchuk is really good at ice hockey

* Brandon Prust gets suspended

* John Tortorella took the muzzle off

* And much more.

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (2)

  1. lol at that star wars comparison. If you’re going to make the Kings out to be the Empire, then the Coyotes are ewoks at best. Using sticks and rocks and sometimes getting a lucky break.

  2. Ah Ha a use for the call out feature It is very annoying when tweeters jam up our time lines, I hope you blocked him as well Many thanks for your congrats for BE, much appreciated

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