Monday Links: Staying Alive

There’s an episode of one of my favourite TV shows, Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night, where the team sits around the office watching a tennis match between Pete Sampras and an impossible long-shot underdog. Throughout the episode, the match between the two should be ending, but the match doesn’t end. As the night rolls along the crew of Sports Night continues to shout the phrase “this guy won’t die”. It’s pretty great.

So as to not write a billion word-long metaphor again, I’ll keep this short. Once again, I’m metaphorizing (look it up) the Phoenix Coyotes. Yeah, they only won one game in the series so far and they have a long way to go and yeah, this whole column could be irrelevant by the end of the week if the Kings win game 5 and end this sucker as they should. But, hey, that’s kind of the great thing about the playoffs – you never really know.

I’ve spent a lot of time in this space praising the Kings, saying how much I like watching them and saying how Jonathan Quick is really, really extremely good. This is all still true because the Kings are super fun to watch and Jonathan Quick is really, really extremely good. But yesterday he looked beatable. Obviously, the Kings weren’t going to destroy everyone in their path and they weren’t going to win the Cup going 16-1. That’s really hard to do. For any seed.

But, hell, more playoff hockey. I’ll take it. Even if it means watching the Coyotes hang on for dear life. They get another shot, they get another home game. Who knows where something like this could end up. Odds are, probably nowhere. The Kings will take game 5 and then we’ll all forget about the Coyotes winning game 4 and I’ll look like an idiot (this happens a lot so I’m kind of okay with it). But you never know.

This guy might not die.

Links To The Past

  • Rivalries are fun. Rivalries from across the river are better. (Puck Daddy)
  • I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Rangers block a lot of shots. Like, a lot of shots. (Globe and Mail)
  • It’s refreshing to see a team that’s winning a series still complains about refereeing. Some things just never change. (New York Times)
  • When you’re down 3-0, you need a veteran presence to step up. Or so I’ve been told. I’ve never been down 3-0 in a series before so I can’t vouch for that. (Arizona Republic)
  • So many players to dislike, so little time. The problems of cheering for a winning team. (LA Times)
  • So Mike Smith is pretty good in goal. Apparently, he’s just as good on the ice when not in goal. (Toronto Star)
  • Chris Kreider is so good he doesn’t have to think about what he’s doing. Or something. I don’t know, it’s the New York Post so it’s not totally clear. (New York Post)
  • Brandon Prust’s hit on Volchenkov wasn’t that bad. Or so says Tortorella. Who I will never question. (The Star-Ledger)

That’s all for me. Happy long weekend, Canada-folk. See you on the patio.