Alice Cooper: Phoenix Coyotes fan

Wave it, Alice

The above picture will surely do no favors to those who like to make retirement community cracks at the expense of Phoenix, Glendale and the Arizona population at-large. Even ME, the most understanding, compassionate person you’ve ever read made fun of Phoenix IN MY MIND when I saw this. What specifically?

“Wow, Phoenix, even your token celebrity hockey fans are retired.”

I’m sorry Arizona, I thought I was better than that. Guess not.

To make it up to everyone, I’ve compiled a list of Alice Cooper album and song titles which I think could be chapter names if we turned the 2012 playoffs into a book.

Love It to Death
Billion Dollar Babies
Welcome to My Nightmare
Raise Your Fist and Yell
Hey Stoopid
Brutally Live
No More Mr. Nice Guy
I’m Eighteen
I Never Cry
You Want It, You Got It
Talk Talk

If you were to put the 2012 playoffs to music, what song would you choose?