Adjusted form, one would assume.

Claude Giroux spent this NHL season threatening the NHL’s scoring lead, and improving his beerability index just about every time he opened his mouth. Well, the above picture doesn’t do anything to hurt that ranking either.

Giroux just had surgery on both his wrists (one needed a bone chip removed, the other had some torn cartilage), and the season just ended, so now’s the time to get the partying out of his system. Y’know, like that other young buck that likes to have a good time, Patrick Kane.

Whether he should be playing beer pong with the just-fixed wrists or not, well, he can make that call (and did) for himself. I’m sure his game wasn’t hurt too much, knowing the amount of talent that dude has.

So here you go: the above picture is from Deadspin – the two below of him playing cornhole – or bags, or baggo – shirtless, and him at something called “Xfinity Live!” are from Crossing Broad. Looks like the guys been on quite a roll.

Hockey players: they’re just like us!

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  1. He’s tough, he’s a hockey player…

  2. I don’t think the whole ordeal about Kane was the volume of drinking. I believe it was the alleged douche baggery that went along with it. Kane’s drinking just has a very negative aspect to it.

    So for Giroux, or other NHL players, to party after the season is done is really no big deal. As long as a “Patrick Kane” style story doesn’t go along with it.


    Blackhawks fan.

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