Tampa Bay Lightning prospect Radko Gudas plays for the Norfolk Admirals of the AHL, who happen to be a decent hockey club. They smashed professional hockey’s longest win streak this season - once 19 - by winning 29 straight hockey games. They’re in playoffs now, and find themselves in the midst of another five game winning streak.

But this post isn’t about them.

It’s about THIS:

That’s the most incredible playoff beard I’ve ever seen. And I have news for you: Radko is only 22 years old. That thing could just thicken up with a few more years under his belt.

Major thanks go out to the Admirals for going deep enough into playoffs to give that thing time to come to be.

(Stick-tap to @RFCapsMoustache)


UPDATE: Puck Daddy’s Harrison Mooney also wrote about The Beard, but he dug up this video of his Admirals’ teammates Scott Jackson and Eric Neilson to go along with it. Phenomenal.

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    Guy probably has to shave twice by noon to avoid 5 o’clock shadow.

  3. I refuse to be impressed without proof it’s not a Thornton:


  4. According to hockeydb.com he is still 21 for another few weeks which just makes it all the more impressive. Dude is three months older than me and my combined facial hair wouldn’t equal his Wyatt Earp worthy mustache.

  5. I think he may have started it in April or March. I know Scott Jackson and Eric Neilson started theirs in December. But let me tell you, that thing popped up overnight. It took about a week and half to achieve consciousness.

  6. I just spit out my coffee and I wasn’t drinking any!

  7. holy smokes that looks like someone glued a cat to his neck!!!

  8. Damn. Where are Zod and Ursa?

  9. Better beard and a better name. Guy could be the villain in the next Die Hard movie.

  10. I’m assuming the STIHL sponsorship is in reference to the need to use a chainsaw to trim that down

  11. As soon as I saw the awesomeness that is this man’s beard, the S.O.B. scored against my Leafs.

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