Looking at photo archives in pivotal moments of sporting events can be quite a bit of fun and sometimes you discover some interesting things. Here is a visual breakdown of people in Phoenix reacting to an LA Kings Western Conference Final win.

Blue Arrow: Kings fan. Huge vertical. The man is so jovial he is going to party hard and crush an IHOP on the way back to Cali.

Green Arrow: Another Kings fan. Pointing at and chirping Mike Smith no doubt. That’s where your wrath goes — the goalie who gave up the winner. Take that, Mike.

Orange Arrow: Coyotes fan. Furious. So mad he’s giving the Kings the obligatory bird flip on the way up to the aisle.

Burgundy Arrows: Bros. Reunited and it feels so good. They did this once before. Somewhere, Paul Holmgren drinks.

Purple Arrow: It’s huge vertical dude! He hopped up on to the glass. Impressive considering that in most rinks I’ve been to, you get the stinkeye for hitting the glass.

Blue Arrow: Dismayed Coyotes fan, giving the stinkeye to huge vertical dude and probably thinking “You can jump that high and you’re going to hockey games as a fan? Go play for the Lakers, dude. They suck.”

Higher Blue Arrow:
He’s twice as mad as the Orange Arrow Coyotes fan above so he’s flipping the Kings double the birds as they celebrate. His face suggests that he’s doing this out of obligation, not because he really wants to.

Green Arrow: Sad Clown.