Today’s Backhand Shelf Podcast was mostly about last night’s Kings/Coyotes game (obviously), with a focus on how it ended. Main talking points included:

* Jonathan Quick’s performance

* Dustin Brown’s hit on Michal Roszival

* The Coyotes incredulous reaction

* The handshake line – Shane Doan’s actions in particular

* The remaining captains are all American

* Tonight’s Rangers/Devils game

* And much more.

You can listen to it here:

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  1. … you forgot to add “I hope Kerry Fraser doesn’t do something like call an illegal stick penalty against the Kings in the final that completely changes the course of the series and causes Kings fans to hate him just as much as Leafs fans for the next 19 years.”

    … you bastards.

  2. I found it odd that the Coyotes made such a stink in the handshake line. I realize that they felt the Brown hit was dirty and I agree but how about you don’t give up the winning goal 10 seconds after the face off then?

  3. I always really enjoy your podcasts, but I’m routinely a day behind.

    @~26:40 re: Drew Doughty’s Tantrum
    Rob Pizzo: How does Drew doughty not get a game misconduct? …It was 20 seconds of bitching and slamming his stick and acting like a child, and anybody else at any other time gets a 10 minute misconduct…
    JB: …Yeah, he played like the coach’s son in minor league hockey.

    (Video of Doughty’s Tantrum fit w/great article here:

    I also thought Doughty could’ve been called for game misconduct, but I haven’t been sure about what qualifies since the first HBO 24/7 series. In episode 2 or 3, Sidney Crosby reacts with fury at a ref’s noncall. (Video clip here, although language NSFW:

    Crosby pretty clearly says, “F— off! That’s f—ing s—!” The profanity’s to be expected. What surprised me was that it was personalized. Meaning, I would’ve thought it’s OK to say that a call was “f—ing sh–,” but telling an official to “f— off” would be unacceptable, particularly because this was a game in early December–hardly playoff hockey. Now, Crosby’s outburst is brief. He doesn’t go on for 20 seconds or circle back to do another “skate by” on the ref, but I was still surprised that the official didn’t at least SAY something about it.

    The Crosby clip was really eye-opening for me. If an official will take that in a regular season game in early December, then is Doughty’s childish behavior during the Western Conference Final within limits? I don’t think so, but it’s obviously the ref’s call.

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