Noteworthy is a feature blatantly ripped off from Trey Kerby and The Basketball Jones crew that catches you up on everything you need to know from the night before in the NHL.


Kings/Coyotes, Kings won 4-3

Series: Kings win the series 4-1

It’s ovah: Dustin Penner scored the OT winner for the Kings, which hopefully reminded people that he’s a pretty good hockey player, not just some guy whose name shall forever be sausage-linked to pancakes. The goal, unfortunately, came 13 seconds after…

Controversy: Michal Roszival left the game after taking this contact from Kings’ captain Dustin Brown:

I really wish Bob Cole hadn’t said “It was a late hit, too,” because now people think it was a late hit. The whistle basically sounds as the contact is taking place. As for the hit…well, I’m planning on frame-by-framing it later today, but the short form: not suspendable, not a penalty, dicey play Coyotes are allowed to be pissed about. I don’t agree with the ”knee-on-knee” assessment.

Captain America: We’re down to three NHL teams in playoffs. Their captains? Dustin Brown (USA), Zach Parise (USA), Ryan Callahan (USA). I like the chances of seeing an American first hoist the Stanley Cup this year. I also like the odds that when the Cup is first picked up and held overhead at full extension, it will be two feet below the height of last season’s First Lift.

Not bad: The Kings are 8-0 on the road in playoffs, 10-0 on the road stretching back to last year’s playoffs, both of which are NHL records. Undefeated in playoffs (first time that’s ever happened en route to the finals)! On the road! That’s insane. This is their first trip to the finals since 1993. They’ll be only the second 8-seed to ever make it there. Since the four-round best-of-seven format started in 1987, they’re only the seventh team to make the finals playing a mere 14 games. …They’re doing okay.

Chill, bro: Drew Doughty lost his goddamn mind after getting called for interference in OT. That he doesn’t get a 10 here is just wrong. Gotta believe the “It’s Drew Doughty, it’s OT” factor saved him.

That guy really wanted to win last night – on top of that emotion his line was crazy: a goal, an assist, plus one, six shots, two blocked shots, three hits and four PIMS in 30:12 of ice.

Well that’s dumb: Keith Yandle is one of my favourite guys in the NHL, but this post-game quote is brutal: “[The refs] know we don’t have an owner, they know we don’t have anyone to back us up, so maybe that makes it easier for them to make calls against us.” Jesus, how’s that tinfoil hat fit, Keith? As a plus for Yandle, he tied Dave Babych’s team record for points in the playoffs with nine.

Raw: The handshake line was something else – both Shane Doan and Martin Hanzal stopped Dustin Brown to give him shit…while shaking hands. I can’t remember a play that got guys so fired up happening that close to the handshakes in the past. Surprised someone didn’t get hit.

Holy crapbricks: The two most surprising stats came from the Yotes: Boyd Gordon was 18 for 21 on draws last night (85.7%), and Martin Hanzal had fourteen hits.

Been awhile: Jonathan Quick hadn’t given up more than two goals in a game since Game 4 of the first round. Dude is some kind of athlete.

Shooting gallery: Shots finished 51-41 for LA – the Kings had 20 in the second period alone. Certainly can’t fault Mike Smith for the loss.

Moving pictures: If you didn’t catch the game or just want to re-watch the best parts, here you go: