Noteworthy is a feature blatantly ripped off from Trey Kerby and The Basketball Jones crew that catches you up on everything you need to know from the night before in the NHL.


Kings/Coyotes, Kings won 4-3

Series: Kings win the series 4-1

It’s ovah: Dustin Penner scored the OT winner for the Kings, which hopefully reminded people that he’s a pretty good hockey player, not just some guy whose name shall forever be sausage-linked to pancakes. The goal, unfortunately, came 13 seconds after…

Controversy: Michal Roszival left the game after taking this contact from Kings’ captain Dustin Brown:

I really wish Bob Cole hadn’t said “It was a late hit, too,” because now people think it was a late hit. The whistle basically sounds as the contact is taking place. As for the hit…well, I’m planning on frame-by-framing it later today, but the short form: not suspendable, not a penalty, dicey play Coyotes are allowed to be pissed about. I don’t agree with the ”knee-on-knee” assessment.

Captain America: We’re down to three NHL teams in playoffs. Their captains? Dustin Brown (USA), Zach Parise (USA), Ryan Callahan (USA). I like the chances of seeing an American first hoist the Stanley Cup this year. I also like the odds that when the Cup is first picked up and held overhead at full extension, it will be two feet below the height of last season’s First Lift.

Not bad: The Kings are 8-0 on the road in playoffs, 10-0 on the road stretching back to last year’s playoffs, both of which are NHL records. Undefeated in playoffs (first time that’s ever happened en route to the finals)! On the road! That’s insane. This is their first trip to the finals since 1993. They’ll be only the second 8-seed to ever make it there. Since the four-round best-of-seven format started in 1987, they’re only the seventh team to make the finals playing a mere 14 games. …They’re doing okay.

Chill, bro: Drew Doughty lost his goddamn mind after getting called for interference in OT. That he doesn’t get a 10 here is just wrong. Gotta believe the “It’s Drew Doughty, it’s OT” factor saved him.

That guy really wanted to win last night – on top of that emotion his line was crazy: a goal, an assist, plus one, six shots, two blocked shots, three hits and four PIMS in 30:12 of ice.

Well that’s dumb: Keith Yandle is one of my favourite guys in the NHL, but this post-game quote is brutal: “[The refs] know we don’t have an owner, they know we don’t have anyone to back us up, so maybe that makes it easier for them to make calls against us.” Jesus, how’s that tinfoil hat fit, Keith? As a plus for Yandle, he tied Dave Babych’s team record for points in the playoffs with nine.

Raw: The handshake line was something else – both Shane Doan and Martin Hanzal stopped Dustin Brown to give him shit…while shaking hands. I can’t remember a play that got guys so fired up happening that close to the handshakes in the past. Surprised someone didn’t get hit.

Holy crapbricks: The two most surprising stats came from the Yotes: Boyd Gordon was 18 for 21 on draws last night (85.7%), and Martin Hanzal had fourteen hits.

Been awhile: Jonathan Quick hadn’t given up more than two goals in a game since Game 4 of the first round. Dude is some kind of athlete.

Shooting gallery: Shots finished 51-41 for LA – the Kings had 20 in the second period alone. Certainly can’t fault Mike Smith for the loss.

Moving pictures: If you didn’t catch the game or just want to re-watch the best parts, here you go:

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  1. just curious, did they touch the western trophy? Its considered bad luck to do it.

    • Nope, Brown stood beside it on the table and ignored it.

    • God I hate that superstition.

    • What I didn’t get was the CBC saying “last time, the Kings’ hands were all over it.”

      My memories are of Gretzky accepting the Bowl on CBC in the hallway outside the dressing room (presumably to avert a riot from Leafs fans who had just clued in that they’d lost) and not touching the thing either. Am I insane?

      • No you’re mistaken. They took the trophy into the locker room and nearly drowned it and themselves in beer and champagne. And that’s what Brown wanted to avoid. It’s not that touching the trophy means you win or lose. It’s that they’re trying to win the Stanley Cup and don’t want to think they’ve achieved anything yet.

  2. Disagree about the Brown/Roszival hit.

    The whistle was late. Everyone knew the Coyotes were offsides and the play was dead. Frame by frame review of it shows two Coyotes were offsides. Brown purposely ran him and Roszival wasn’t expecting it because the play was dead.

    That’s why the Coyotes are furious. And, in my opinion, rightly so.

    • It was an obvious offside, but the linesmen had already blown at least two offsides calls up to that point so if I’m on the ice I’m not counting on them to make the right call.

      • regardless, all hockey players have been told to play through to the whitsle since they were squirts. Brown and Rozsival both did. Rozsival was still making a deke as he got hit. Another thing you learn at a young age is to not take a deke across the blue line when going into the offensive zone. He wont make that mistake again.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Clearly, the more talented team won this series. It was also clear that the officiating was poor, and that the Coyotes took the brunt of that in the last few games. This led to their frustration, which led to them receiving some justified, bad penalties, which led to the refs losing their objectivity.

      No star power on the Coyotes (see Drew Doughty above) led to one-sided calls. While Yandle probably overstates it, not hard to see where he is coming from and why.

      Dustin Brown is a talented hockey player who also is an instigator/agitater of the highest order. But being a star, playing in newly-glitzy LA (in the eyes of the league),he gets the benefit of the doubt. Watch for no suspension by Shanahan here, while Raffi Torres continues to pine away in solitary…

      • Doughty was angry because not only wasn’t that a penalty on him, but that the Coyote in that situation was holding his stick the entire time without a call. That’s not a

        Considering Hanzal should have been punted for the remainder of the series for the hit on Brown and Morris and Smith were lucky to get away with slaps on the wrist for blatantly suspendable offences, I don’t think it’s fair at all to suggest that the Coyotes were being screwed over by officiating.

    • Play until the whistle goes. Expecting a team to ease up because a whistle might come is nuts.

  3. “I like the chances of seeing an American first hoist the Stanley Cup this year.”
    Am I misreading or did Justin forget that Derian Hatcher was the first American captain to hoist the cup? or did he mean first team to hoist the cup after a legitimate win?

    • The latter, I’d say. A bit of Yoda speak there. ;-)

    • I believe what he meant was that the captain of the winning team is first to hoist the cup. Therefore the first person hoisting the cup this year will be American.

    • I think he means the captains hoist it first and the captain will be American. It will go from Bettman to an American, ergo, American first.

  4. People actually LISTEN to Bob Cole?

    Agreed on the hit. It was unfortunate but not a targeted knee on knee. Crap happens.

    A fight in the handshake line would have been awesome.

  5. Did anyone catch Mike Smith going after Richards with another slash after the OT goal (1:08 of the video)? That guy is psycho…dives and complains and takes wild hacks at people all day.

    • I actually thought he was going after the Ref, not Richards.

      But, yes, he’s turned into Nouveau Hextall.

  6. Zebras are not receiving much love these playoffs, I understand that when the game goes in OT they want to put away their whistles but they IMO they missed a few.

  7. I just posted this somewhere else and I’ve had a little time to process my thoughts. I disagreed immediately with Bourne on twitter last night and here is why:

    I’ve had some thoughts about split-second decisions and “bang-bang” hockey plays since watching this hit. I remember during the 2010-11 season when Steven Stamkos was falling to his backside, saw a puck in mid-air, and proceeded to bat it into the open net. I am using this example because it demonstrates the positive side of a split-second decision being made on-ice and the results it achieved. I chose it over a penalty shot/shootout move by Ribiero/Datsyuk/Omark because those are more pre-meditated moves. Stamkos was purely a reactionary decision. Where am I going with this?

    NHL players have the ability to make split-second decisions and have trained to be prepared. This isn’t an NBC over-40 league; NHL players, especially elite ones, are playing in the NHL because of their ability to make the split-second decisions and anticipate the play better or more efficiently than others.

    Dustin Brown is an elite player, I think we can agree upon that. I think we can also agree that the knee itself wasn’t going to change the outcome of the series: Los Angeles was going to win. So my issue with the hit is that Dustin Brown put his knee in position to make contact with Roszival’s long before he actually hits Roszival. I don’t normally see Brown skating around with his legs 4 feet apart so I’m only going to assume he set the “tracks”, as it is being referred to, in order to make Roszival move. That is where my problem with this play begins.

    This is an attempt at telegraphing a knee in order to make a defender move. A posterior, the hands/stick, or even a body being in the lane is one thing – one can use these things to affect the movement of an opposing player. A knee/leg is much different. It is almost as if Brown is Bart Simpson saying: “I’m just going to start flailing my arms like this (spinning in an axe-handle motion if you will) and if you get in my way, that’s your fault”. This type of positioning shouldn’t be allowed in the game. If Brown decides to stick his knee out the intention is still the same: “I’m going to use my knee to either separate you from the puck or at least alter your skating lane”. One is premeditated, the other is reactionary. When it comes to crimes, premeditated crimes are always “worse” in the eyes of the justice system than those crimes that are reactionary in nature. Why is it that reactionary infractions in the game of hockey are worse than premeditated attempts to create an infraction.

    If Dustin Brown puts his arms up and stick in front of him, in a cross-checking pose, and Roszival skates into the stick, it is a penalty, but if he puts his knee in the lane and Roszival hits it, then it is not a penalty. The intent remains the same. This is why I was disgusted with Brown last night: He knowingly put his knee in the lane in order to alter Roszival’s path and they ended up colliding. To me, a knee is a knee. If you start looking at split-second decisions and intent then you leave it up to subjectivity, in which case the NHL needs to alter the Delay of Game penalty to incorporate the same subjectivity.

    • Anyone else noticed how just seconds prior to the hit Rozy:

      A) rode Brown (without a saddle) for at least 5-10 seconds after the puck was nowhere near that corner. How’s that not a roughing or intereference?

      B) took a dive like a wet Kleenex after a one-handed tap (not a Smith-like axe swing) from Penner. Probably tried to one up his 6’6″ compadre Hanzal who also tried to failed to fake a high stick from Brown by snapping his head back when Brown’s stick was near his rib cage .

      Not only the Kings won the series but the puppies also LOST it themselves. Should be fun six games next year.


  8. I love this site, but I’m hoping you can do me a favor? Could you please stop with the cursing and taking the Lord’s name in vain? It makes me not want to visit, plus I won’t let my children read anything here or watch your videos. I’m sure there are others like me out there as well.

    Thanks so much!

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