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Competition tends to bring out the most extreme emotions we have, and those tend to be very, very volatile. Few things in said competition tend to make us go over the top than officiating we disagree with, be it hockey, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, we LOATHE a call that we disagree with and it makes us mad. This holds for players, coaches and fans and it is a rule — a law of nature. Being a referee is a job nobody should want.

We baseball fans saw a player go bonkers after a horrendous call or two when Brett Lawrie earned himself a four game seat in the stands for flipping out on Bill Miller.

From our friends at DJF

Not to be outdone, fellow youth and Toronto Blue Jays fan Drew Doughty showed off some of his “burning passion” for the game when he snapped after earning himself an interference penalty. An engineer would typically call Doughty’s enthusiasm for smashing his stick “stress testing.”

Now, the traditionalist in me thinks that Doughty ought to put his head down, shut his mouth and take a seat, but that makes excellent television. I don’t encourage Drew to stay mad heading into the next round though since officials will probably be more inclined to give him a misconduct for that. In fact, he probably should have got one, but it is what it is.

Drew, just yell “Serenity Now” whenever you think your blood pressure goes up and it will all be okay.

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  1. Should have got a misconduct. I would have sat him for 10 if he did that in a game I reffed.

  2. I would have given him 2 for UNS first…put them down 4 minutes, then give him the ten

  3. It was a bull-shit call by the ref, one of the worst calls in the history of overtime hockey, Doughty had every right to freak out.

  4. I would never have blown the call, so he wouldn’t have been given any extra penalty , because it never would have happened in the first place.

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