I’ve seen this sort of thing before.

We were winning by a goal in Minnesota-Duluth with under a minute left to play, and my line got the tap to take a defensive zone face-off. The plan was that our right-handed centerman Charlie Kronschnabel would win the draw back to the left corner (a tough win), and our d-man would hard-wrap it behind the net. As the right winger, I had one job – head out to the blueline where the opposing D would be (or hopefully not yet), and make sure the puck leaves the zone.

Charlie won it, but not clean. It took a second for the play to unfold, and the puck only went back a couple feet. Knowing this gave the opposing D time to make a read, Charlie thought he’d skip a step – why give it to the d-man when he could wrap it himself?

He got ALL of it, as hard as I’ve ever seen him shoot I think…and beat our goaltender Nathan Lawson clean, high glove side. It clanged off the post just under the crossbar, ricocheted out right to a teammate, who immediately iced it.

I almost died laughing. Nothing had come of it, it had killed time, and we were back where we started. Same as the result of what you’re about to see below.

I thought that was the closest I’ve ever seen anyone to truly shooting the puck, hard, on their own net and scoring. But after seeing this Brad Richards bomb on Henrik Lundqvist last night, I’m not sure anymore.

Lundqvist wasn’t even amused. What the hell was that?? Come ON, man.

I love that Richards snaps his stick on the way to the bench. This thing is cursed!

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  1. Love Lundqvist’s head snap towards RIchards. “WTF man? You owe me one!”

  2. I saw it live, but I can’t watch the replay at work. Wasn’t this a deflection? I mean, he didn’t do it on purpose and just accidently hit the net, right? Just wondering.

    Just like Boyle a few years ago, except he beat his goalie.

  3. I remember a clip from some European league a few years back where the guy actually scored on his goalie on the same play you described. Beat his goalie clean. Can’t seem to find the clip though..

  4. I play rec league goalie and had the same thing happen to me, except our captain had a COMPLETE brain fart. After we won a D-zone face-off he whacked the puck right at me, which I thought was accidental, but then he moved in and buried the rebound. He lifted his arms and went “yeah!” but I could see in his eyes that everything wasn’t right in Dogpatch. I think we won that game 4-2 so all was good. I still smile thinking about that one.

  5. There’s a girl on my rec league team that’s relatively new to the sport. She’s not bad, but she’s out of her element for sure and because of that, she’s always very nervous/tight/what-have-you and makes a lot of plays that involve just whacking the puck if it gets within sticks reach. Well, one of our guys pushed it to her up high in our own zone thinking she’d make an easy clear or pass out. No. Instead, she forgets what side of the ice were on and takes a couple strong strides towards our net and fires probably her best shot of the season on our own goalie. He made the save, but I trolled her pretty hard for rest of the season on that one.

  6. I believe the same thing happened a few seasons ago when Scott Niedermayer was still playing with the Devils. He tried to wrap it hard around his net and Brodeur had to use his blocker to fend it off.

  7. I’ve performed an almost mirror image of Richards’ gaff… only Lundqvist wasn’t my goalie… ’twas my only goal that season.

  8. This goal by Morrow on Turco while the Stars were playing Calgery is a pretty good example!


  9. It happens in other sports too. In a soccer game I was playing in, our right full back tried to make a cross field pass to the left full back. It went off his foot, caught a little bit of wind, and was bending towards the top right corner of the goal. The keeper had to make an amazing punch save to stop the ball from going in.

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