I’ve seen this sort of thing before.

We were winning by a goal in Minnesota-Duluth with under a minute left to play, and my line got the tap to take a defensive zone face-off. The plan was that our right-handed centerman Charlie Kronschnabel would win the draw back to the left corner (a tough win), and our d-man would hard-wrap it behind the net. As the right winger, I had one job – head out to the blueline where the opposing D would be (or hopefully not yet), and make sure the puck leaves the zone.

Charlie won it, but not clean. It took a second for the play to unfold, and the puck only went back a couple feet. Knowing this gave the opposing D time to make a read, Charlie thought he’d skip a step – why give it to the d-man when he could wrap it himself?

He got ALL of it, as hard as I’ve ever seen him shoot I think…and beat our goaltender Nathan Lawson clean, high glove side. It clanged off the post just under the crossbar, ricocheted out right to a teammate, who immediately iced it.

I almost died laughing. Nothing had come of it, it had killed time, and we were back where we started. Same as the result of what you’re about to see below.

I thought that was the closest I’ve ever seen anyone to truly shooting the puck, hard, on their own net and scoring. But after seeing this Brad Richards bomb on Henrik Lundqvist last night, I’m not sure anymore.

Lundqvist wasn’t even amused. What the hell was that?? Come ON, man.

I love that Richards snaps his stick on the way to the bench. This thing is cursed!