After Ilya Kovalchuk’s goal in tonight’s game between the Devils and New York Rangers. It wasn’t the goal that tickled my fancy, it wasn’t his celebration that caught my eye, or the alleged taunts that distracted me. It was Glenn Healy’s chatter that made my ear go, wait, what?

Right after the Kovalchuk goal, ok fine, you got a goal, great, I’m happy for ya, not really. He skates by the Ranger bench and taunts the bench. That to me is something that never happened if I was on that Ranger bench

Here’s the clip.

Now, sure, it looks an awful lot like Kovalchuk taunts the bench and may very well have done just that. He certainly has a reputation for it, though not so much since he has joined the Devils.

At any rate, seriously? Your presence alone on a bench would have nullified taunting? What are you going to do Mr. Healy, punch the guy out? Throw a water bottle at him? Take your team issue cap off and shake it at him? What a ridiculous thing to say. There’s also the underlying issue of having a guy offer “objective” commentary when he played for one of the teams on the ice at a given time and was a member of an edition of said team that took part in a heated chapter of the rivalry being played out before us.

If I were to pick one guy in the world to make a ridiculous remark like that, it would probably be the one to check off that criteria.

At any rate, if Kovy did taunt the Rangers, the joke was on him, because they looked a hell of a lot better after that goal. Lesson going forward: Don’t poke the bear.

Or taunt Glenn Healy, I guess.