He's mad.

There has been a lot of talk of embellishment through this postseason, people sniping back and forth and whatnot, but there has been little distinct evidence. Sure, there are clips we can speculate on, but a play where we can look and say “wow, that was fake” has been lacking to this point.

Enter Steve Bernier.

I’ll happily admit that showmanship is part of the game. My fellow Backhand Shelf analysts have explored the merits of diving over the course of the playoffs — diving is collectively acknowledged as the most widespread form of embellishment. I, however, would argue that the head snap on an alleged high stick has slowly crept up to, if not surpassed, the dive.

On this play, Michael Del Zotto lives dangerously close to the high stick, I’ll admit, but doesn’t appear to make contact with the head of Steve Bernier. Bernier’s reaction is comical and worthy of Ecuadorian First League Soccer. He hops up, reaches to the sky in some sort of interpretive dance maneuver that suggests asking for assistance from the heavens, before coming down to continue his routine.

Take a look.

I’m not one to call someone a faker. But dang, that was poetic. If hockey doesn’t work out for Mr. Bernier, I’m sure many Vancouver Canucks fans would suggest it isn’t, there’s always used car sales for him, because he should have got a commission.

Should the NHL be doing more to cut down on the head snap?