With a few days off between the Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Final, we’re left with a bit of a hockey hangover, but we’re also left with a good amount of time to dissect and break down the series between the Kings and Devils while being given plenty of time to find or create a narrative or two.

With the lowest seeded combination (No. 6 seed vs. No. 8 seed) in Stanley Cup Final history, there is bound to be a lot of “upset” talk, “surprise team” talk, “underdog” talk, and so on.

I’ve already ranted at length about how the Kings are nowhere near an underdog story or overachieving team, despite what their conference seed and regular season performance tells you. Well the Devils were a pretty good No. 6 seed in their own right, and while they may not be as strong as the Kings on paper, they’re also far from an in-over-their-head team.

The seeding and regular season performances of this year’s Cup finalists weren’t outstanding, but at the end of the day, we’re left with two very good, very deserving teams, and that’s what counts.

It’s okay to point out the facts about the low seeds, as long as you don’t let those seed-numbers and the whole misconceived “underdog” thing overshadow the fact that these are two Stanley Cup quality teams, because both the Kings and Devils deserve better than that.

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