(Yes, I took the opportunity to sneak an Isles pic in there - Dad's on the far right)

The NHL has been kicking ass for a number of years now with their playoff commercials. To put it simply, the folks hired to make them (Young & Rubicam, New York – full credits here) “get it.” They get the things that matter to hockey players, and beautifully exploit our weak spots. My house shouldn’t have “gotten dusty” three straight years at hockey commercials, but their latest got it done again.

Here it is. It’s called “Boys.”

Fuckin’ rights, boys.


Of course, it’s worth noting that nothing beats the all-time best commercial ever made, “No Words”:

And “Cup Raise” was pretty awesome too:

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  1. Cup Raise is easily my favorite, but they’re all a glimpse of what make NHL marketing the best in pro sports.

  2. For such a long time, and it’s still true of some of the individual teams, the marketing for the NHL was really poor – but for the last 4-5 years they’ve really gotten it right. I’m not sure if it was all Young & Rubicam or if other companies have realized the bar has been raised but I’m really impressed.

    Of course that whole “It started with something to do on a Wednesday night” series can just go far far away (but it’s targeted at non-fans, so maybe for them it’s a better campaign).

    • “It all started with something to do on a Wednesday night” is just about one of the worst pieces of ad copy anybody’s ever written.

      “Why watch the NHL? Because, fuckit, what else are you doing?”

  3. I think DB has the right idea. The biggest reason why the marketing has been so impressive the last few years is because they are no longer trying to pander to people who dont the game in order to draw them in. Instead they are taking what the hardcore fans love, and putting into words/images/commercials, as to show everyone exactly why we are drawn to this wonderful game.

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