The point of no return

Anze Kopitar has established himself as a pretty quality, clever player through this postseason, playing at about as high a level as you can maintain through three series and one game. There was no drop off in one game of the Stanley Cup as expected and, unsurprisingly, he scored the game winning goal.

Those of us who had him in a certain Score newsroom overtime office pool were jovial…

… and those of us who were trying to contain our bitterness were in awe of the goal and SOME of us were furious that Justin Williams got the first assist and not the goal.

A lot of things had to go right for Kopitar to slot it home, but it was a pretty killer effort nonetheless.

Here’s the video.

What’s your favorite overtime winner from a Cup final?

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  1. The thing I love about that goal is that Anze seemed to adjust his shot from going high to keeping it on the ice because he recognized that Brodeur was going to get his leg up, so he just slid it along the ice because Brodeur was raising his leg. So good.

  2. or he just whiffed on it.

  3. I don’t know man, I think he knew Brodeur was going for his newly patented Scorpion save. I believe he knew to keep that shit on the ice. Sick. On so many levels, sick.

  4. It’s hard to say he fanned on the shot considering he also appeared to have gotten good wood on it. It’s not like the puck trickled in. I mean, it’s possible he wanted to go high, but when you try and go high and fail, the puck doesn’t spring off the blade like that.

    • good point, it just “looks” like it, you know?

      • Yeah, I see why people raised the question, I just think when you look at the replays you can see that he likely didnt. What is really impressive to me that is sort of being discussed indirectly, is that he either got really lucky that Marty lifted his leg, or he made that split decision to go under it. This goal was just awesome as far as OT goals go.

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