Noteworthy is a feature blatantly ripped off from Trey Kerby and The Basketball Jones crew that catches you up on everything you need to know from the night before in the NHL.


Devils/Kings, Kings won 2-1 in OT

Series: 1-0 LA

Road warriors: The Kings ridiculous road record in the playoffs got even more ridiculouser (pretty sure that’s a word): they’re now 9-0 away from home in the playoffs (and yes, I had to italicize/boldicize/underline that number), taking their streak to 11-0 on the road including last season’s two road victories. Crazy.

Depth helps: Hockey teams tend to dress 12 forwards (with a few exceptions) – the Kings usually do. With Colin Fraser scoring his first goal of playoffs (by the way, you gotta have that, Brodeur), all 12 have scored in playoffs this season.

Smelling salts: Smelling salts used to be used to revive an unconscious player. Somewhere along the line, players discovered the value of a quick dose of alertness and started inhaling a little before the drop of the puck. Ilya Kovalchuk shared his with Ryan Carter, who got a biiiit too close to it:

 Beerability: Two guys that I think have a TON of beerability had a little pre-faceoff chat….

Can you imagine talking shit to a guy who’s 245 pounds and has a beard that looks like it can’t possibly be real? Talk about no fear.

Quick hits:

* Since the best-of-seven Finals format was introduced in 1939, the team who’s won game one has won the series 76% of the time.

* That was the 24th overtime game of playoffs.

* New Jersey didn’t get a shot in the second period for 14 minutes and 30 seconds. They only had five in the first, four in the second.

* Kings are 3-0 in overtime this year in playoffs – Devils are 3-2.

OT winner: I have no idea if Kopitar was trying to roof the OT winner and fanned, or if he saw that Brodeur’s pad was up and went under it on purpose, but either way, here it is:

I’ll break it down further tomorrow, but Travis Zajac’s play just before the Doughty chip killed the Devils.

Stud D: People have Doughted Drew at times over the past couple years, but he looked great last night. Incidentally, he was the only King to be plus-two in LA’s 2-1 win. (Only people to be minus two: Parise, Zajac, Zubrus.)

Almost there: If the Kings win one more playoff game on the road, they’ll tie the all-time record for road wins in the playoffs.

Moving pictures: If the stats don’t tell enough of the story for you, check out the most important plays from Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final below: