A big deal.

Meet Nail Yakupov. Nail (pronounced Nah-eel) Yakupov is going to be the first overall draft pick in the 2012 NHL Draft. Where remains to be seen of course given that the Oilers could trade their pick to any other team in the league, but it’s safe to say that as the top talent in the draft Yakupov will be the first man taken.

Despite the numerous awards he racked up with the Sarnia Sting, he has toiled in relative obscurity compared to most players in his position given the fact that he’s A) Russian and B) plays in Sarnia, which isn’t exactly a junior hockey powerhouse.

With that in mind, here’s what may be your first interview experience with Nail Yakupov.

Knowing what you’ve learned about Yakupov to this point, what are your expectations for his career?