So suave

The push to get Pekka Rinne on the cover of NHL 13 has been impressive, if not unfair, as the voting winds down and we figure out who will be the lucky duck to grace the cover — no Anaheim Ducks pun intended. Rinne has even had the benefit of support from some famous members of the Predators fanbase who may or may not be married to roster players.

That feels a little cheap.

The Predators have recently launched their “most interesting goalie in the world” campaign for Rinne. Sure, the production quality leaves something to be desired, but the effort still counts for something.

Here’s the video.

I’d very much like the cover winner of NHL 14 to pay tribute to the early games of Madden which simply just had John Madden on the cover. As such, I’d like Bob Cole to be on the cover because why not? It would be great if not hysterical.

Either that or John Madden… you know, the hockey player.

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  1. “Either that or John Madden… you know, the hockey player. ”

    To this day I’m amazed EA has avoided doing that.

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