Drafting first overall, as usual.

Steve Tambellini practically revealed his entire plan for the future of the Edmonton Oilers at the NHL Draft Combine on Friday, and by whole plan I mean he reveals a whole lot of nothing. He, as many of you know, holds the first overall pick for the third consecutive season and will be left in charge to make this pick as well. One would figure that by now Tambellini would have enough practice drafting first to know who he is going to take, but he is staying non-committal nonetheless.

Some highlights today include:

The Oilers will draft “the best player who is the best player for the Edmonton Oilers.”

The Oilers have further research to do on players they’re not fully familiar with.

The Oilers will only move the first pick if it’s a “significant proposal.”

The Oilers “want to know the person they’re drafting.”

The Oilers will hire “the right coach” before or after the draft.

Take it away Steve…

I won’t make it any secret that I’m no fan of the Tambellini regime and I’m skeptical as to whether or not the Oilers are capable of progressing beyond the basement with him at the helm. Generally speaking three coaches in four years is more of an indictment of a roster than a coach’s ability and the guy putting rosters together is firing coaches at a better clip than the team is winning.

At any rate, I’d be stunned if the Oilers DIDN’T draft Nail Yakupov this year because I simply don’t see a way that they get what they need to relinquish said pick. Yakupov is a top talent and the value he has the potential to provide is as good, if not better than, Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will. It’s the making of a scary forward core, but again, they need the pieces around them to have any good come of it.

What do you think the Oilers ought to do with the first overall pick?