Brendan Gaunce may be the best two-way center prospect in this draft. He is widely acknowledged as an elite prospect, he is an imposing 6-foot-2, 215 pound body and he plays PHYSICAL. Scouts have been quick to heap praise on him, even going as far as saying that he is the prototype of what a team wants to build around.

In the above picture, Brendan Gaunce isn’t happy. Not even slightly. Couldn’t be bothered to flash that fake smile we all have in the reserve for the person we see from our past who we never really cared for but occasionally run into. Not even the wry grin for the friend who makes bad jokes. Just deadpanned unhappiness.

Brendan Gaunce’s method is not steeped in madness. Brendan Gaunce is conveying a message for all future opponents at the NHL level. Brendan Gaunce is not Poppin Fresh.

“Poke me and die.” – Brendan Gaunce.