The older gentleman's reaction is great

A special part of this game on ice is its ability to create the spectacular. The 2012 playoffs have been very good with some spectacular moments but when you boil it all down there seems to be an absence of the “wow” goal. There’s the Oshie to Backes gem from round one that rings a bell when I think of awesome plays, but beyond that I’m drawing a blank.

Drew Doughty may have stamped his name on the “goal of the playoffs” trophy tonight as he cut through the New Jersey Devils defense and beat Martin Brodeur to the blocker side. A beautiful piece of stickwork from one of the game’s top young defensemen.

Take a look.

Not too shabby, Drew. Not too shabby at all. The self-loathing part of me which is older than Drew Doughty by a week wishes that I was talented enough to set myself up for a lucrative career. Sigh… I digress.

What’s your goal of the playoffs thus far?