"I JUST PUKED MY GUTS OUT!" - Nail Yakupov

If any of you are familiar with extreme physical exertion, you know that there is a point you reach where all of a sudden your eyes try to touch each other through your nose, your stomach scrunches up and your head feels awfully light. Your body’s natural reaction to this of course is void any and all contents inside. I’ve been there, you’ve probably been there and 18 year olds trying to get an NHL job were just there yesterday.

Backhand Shelf’s very own Rob Pizzo got the low-down on upchucking at the NHL Combine. We implore you to take a look — it has gotten rave reviews thus far!

“Gross” – Roger Ebert*

*A Roger Ebert, not THE Roger Ebert

No word on how many of them puked after undergoing the latest workout in the Combine which is simply sitting in front of a computer that is streaming “While the Men Watch”