The beauty of the screencap

Tim Thomas unveiled himself as a very political individual this year and it appears to be more and more likely that his politics are the reason why he may be taking a year away from the game in 2012-13 — provided there is NHL hockey at all, of course.

Today Thomas posted a link to a news story which discusses the world’s economic future. He added the caption “See why hockey isn’t that important right now?” and deleted the post shortly thereafter.

This is why we all ought to be wary of the print screen button. Here’s the story in question.

I can honestly say that Thomas’ whole transformation over the last 12 months has fascinated me to almost no end. Here is a guy who, one year ago, was one of the best underdog stories you have heard in some time, and you couldn’t help but be happy for him. Now he is, on the surface at least, a pariah taking to social media to consistently voice his political views which may or may not be the motivation behind a temporary retirement.

It’s all very confusing.

Regardless of what you think of his politics, I’ll confess that the first thing that consistently pops into my mind is this character from 30 Rock — Steve Austin. If you don’t watch that show, I can only assume that you hate laughter. And, to answer your next question, yes that is John Slattery who plays Roger Sterling on Mad Men. How he makes this character transition is beyond me.

It’s almost as amazing as Tim Thomas’ flip in public persona.

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  1. His response to the possibly of an economic meltdown is to consider walking away from 5 million dollars?

    • I’m equally confused by that. Though he does strike me as the “go off the grid” type. Hoping I’m the guy who scores the “Tim Thomas goes Ricky Williams” and lives in a tent in the woods somewhere story.

      • A far right Republican going off the grid? More than highly unlikely. I say he’s just a screwed up individual who happens to have talent playing hockey.

        Letting 5 million dollars slip through your fingers isn’t going to save the world Tim, especially after the title of your reference states there’s nothing we can do about it.

  2. It always amazes me that people rip athletes for chasing the money and then rip them for walking away from the money to spend more time with their family. Tim is a grown man, if he doesn’t want to play hockey for a year who are any of us to begrudge him that freedom.

    • Who’s ripping him for walking away from money? I’m certainly not.

      I’m just a little confused as to where his political activism has come from. There wasn’t a whiff of this prior to his White House incident.

    • Well, this is what this post is about, no? Is he taking time off to chill with his family, or is he going to indulge in his right wing apocalyptic fantasies?

      The least we can do is ridicule him for being a little wacky, I think. I have no problems with him not playing, because he’s a pretty okay goalie.

  3. next well see timmy on an episode of doomsday preppers where he’s bought some missile silo preparing for the end of times…. is it just me or is tim thomas losing it a little bit?

  4. haha hes preparing for the worst, looks like he believes in the 2012 world comes to an end theory.

  5. The world becomes what you think. The more people that think it’s going tank, the likelihood of it doing so increases. The more people think positively, the more likely we will be fine. Thought is action. always and forever. Think and pray a good economy. Be positive. Be pro good things, not anti bad things. For example, do not be anti-war but rather pro-peace. Pray what we want. Be it, see it, feel it. It works. What have you got to lose?

  6. If you knew what Tim knows, and had his money, you would be doing something similar. Most of us are insulated from what is really happening in the world. We watch the latest reality shows, get our “news’ from businesses that are owned by military corporations like GE. We are allowed to choose between a corrupt Democratic or corrupt Republican government. The system has been too corrupt for two long and is now preying on you and I. Tim knows this and is trying to protect the ones he loves. Instead of makinf fun of what you don’t understand, spend a few minutes learning about the corruption and crime that is rampant in our government and how the elite super rich of the world commit crime that goes unpunished. On second thought, just go back to sleep. You will make easy meals for the criminals and will buy more time for Tim and I to escape them.

  7. Tim Thomas has bunker built in his house with a years supply of food and water. He could be taking the season off to spend time with his family in fear of the world ending in 2012.

  8. The world will not end. Society will crumble.

    Thomas is only voicing his intentions while many many other wealthy people have been setting up such facilities for years.

    Fuck your worthless paper money when they’re robbing you for your water.

    Wake up everyone!

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