Technically, the Wingate test is “an anaerobic test, most often performed on a cycle ergometer, that is used to measure peak anaerobic power, as well as anaerobic capacity.” But in reality, the Wingate test is a 30-second lung-punch where hockey players sit on a bike and pedal as hard as they physically can for 30 seconds while weight is slowly added and the volume of people yelling at them escalates.

I had to do it in University. Two of my three roommates puked following their 30 seconds, which is in no way a knock on their physical abilities (in fact, they’re among the fittest humans I’ve ever met). I made it by puke-free, but barely.

It’s just….it’s so much exertion in so little time that your body doesn’t know what to do. And, given that it often effects the perception of you as a player, you damn well better go balls-to-the-wall. Could you imagine if you “took it easy?” You’d be relegated to same class of player Don Cherry places “Euros” in.

To put the feeling after your session in perspective: if you’ve ever been drunk enough to feel like your room, or the whole world is spinning, it’s kind of like that.

The NHL combine was this week, and a couple of my Backhand Shelf partners – Rob Pizzo and Derek Snider – were in attendance to talk with the players about the post-Wingate vom-fest. Enjoy. (Or don’t, your call on this one.)