A metal impostor

The beauty of the internet is that we can jump on human beings for being human beings. Part of being a human being is making mistakes. How people ripped each other for being fallible prior to the internet is beyond me.

Prior to puck drop at tonight’s Kings-Devils tilt, the Great One himself came out to do the ceremonial puck drop. You may have heard about this. What you most certainly have never heard about is that Wayne Gretzky arrived in Los Angeles in 1998, or so says the Kings PA Announcer.

Thanks to Mr. Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy who was the man who got this up on YouTube which I used as a place-holder.

It was a good laugh, no? Considering that Gretzky played for the Kings for some time before he retired in 1999 as a member of the New York Rangers. The script reading gaffe is semi-understandable though given that the trade from Edmonton to Los Angeles occurred on August 9, 1988. I’m assuming his brain jumbled the numbers and the date came out like that. At any rate, that’s that.

On a hockey note, it’s nice seeing Gretzky kicking around a Cup final and a shame that we haven’t seen more of the game’s greats on display over the course of the playoffs. If there’s one thing the NHL could definitely do better in my opinion, it’s pay tribute to it’s history. We consistently see other sports trump up its legends around playoff time. The NHL could definitely make this a focal point.

I DO love Gretzky’s prompt-ness in dropping the puck here though. I can only assume that he, having been there himself, wanted to get this thing going. After an awesome first period, I’m glad he did.