Today’s podcast covered a myriad of topics we hadn’t planned on discussing, which always makes for good radio.

We hit on:

* Jonathan Quick making statistical history

* Adam Henrique shaved his awesome goatee

* The Devils can win this series IF…(no serious answers provided)

* The Kings announcers will record their call of the game

* Kopitar’s success from a small town in Slovenia

* Three pieces of Russian news – Radulov, Semin and Krutov

* And much more.

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (7)

  1. Where’s the play button?

  2. who’s commentating these games? hahaha I love it… “HE SCOARS!!!!”

  3. it’s right there bob,

  4. I’m not seeing it in either Chrome or Firefox.

  5. i’m just joking bob, it doesn’t show on this page. you have to press the “download it here” link and it’ll start playing on windows media player or itunes.

  6. How about Willie Mitchell getting the cup early, he isn’t tha told but might be the oldest guy on the team.

  7. If you guys knew anything about LA traffic you’d know a 5pm start might as well be a 2pm or 3pm start time with how long it takes most of us to get home, or cross town, or just about anywhere in LA.

    great show guys.

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