Not on Team Coco.

It’s hard being a true hockey fan in a sunny place. There is an inherent skepticism that comes with liking a cold weather sport in a town that is very, very warm. I blame my fellow jaded Canadians for failing to see the hypocrisy in complaining that there are no fans in sunny places and then questioning the legitimacy of said fans when they come out. Seriously folks? Come now.

One individual who has taken it upon himself to consistently wind up the LA Kings and their faithful is none other than television’s Mr. Conan O’Brien. It started during the Western Conference Final with this gem of a tweet…

Which prompted this gem of a reply from the Kings…

And now we are in a full fledged back and forth.

Needless to say Conan is a little skeptical of the merits of Los Angeles’ hockey fanbase and delivered this compelling assessment of what the scene in LA will be tomorrow after game four. He was filming during the game and had no idea how it would end. We now know it will be the former.

“We did it” indeed.

Also, wherever they filmed this looks beautiful this time of year. I can see why it would be hard to play hockey there outside of Mighty Ducks 2.