Yesterday, I discussed the feeling shared by many hockey fans without a rooting interest in this series that I hoped it just ended on Wednesday night. Adam Henrique put those plans on hold with yet another big goal from the rookie in these Playoffs, and that’s okay, because Game 5 has the better story lines anyway.

From the Kings’ perspective, winning on home ice to complete a sweep of the Cup Final and a ridiculous 16-2 post-season would have been nice, but the team that’s given new definition to the term “road warriors” might just be destined to win the franchise’s first Cup away from L.A., where they can improve on their unprecedented perfection on the road. 16-3 overall while taking 11 of 11 away from home and completing it with a road victory isn’t exactly a bad story now, is it?

As for the Devils, winning Game 4 to avoid the sweep in L.A. was nice, but Game 5 offers so much more. The chance to win another game on home ice, the chance to put an end to the Kings’ road record, and of course, the chance to really make the Kings sweat for the first time this post-season. In situations where a team starts a best-of-seven series down 0-3, the Game 4 victory to avoid the sweep is easily dismissed, but the Game 5 victory to force a Game 6 is the one that really makes fans, the media and probably even the players start to wonder if the comeback is on.

Yes, the Playoffs will continue until at least June 9th, and I’ve already voiced my growing impatience with near summer hockey. But at the end of the day, Game 5 offers so much more in terms of potential and story lines.

One last Saturday night of NHL hockey this season, with the Stanley Cup in the building again, isn’t so bad.

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