I usually avoid vertical photos, but, y'know, Adam Henrique shaved in a mustache.

Today’s podcast is worth a listen solely for the “Rob Pizzo is an idiot” montage that John Noon put together, but there’s also some good hockey talk. Rob, of course, is not an idiot, but Noon and I both made a correct prediction on the same day, therefore…Pizzo’s an idiot.

We discussed:

* Adam Henrique’s GWG – nice pick up w/ skate, Quick should probably stop that

* Brodeur’s poke-check-flop on Trevor Lewis

* Simon Gagne looked good

* What happens to the cases of champagne that were in the building?

* Quick’s shutout streak

* Devils have never been swept

* Jaromir Jagr’s looking at a new contract

* And much more.

You can listen to it here:

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