Not exactly breaking news here, but Charlie Sheen is off his rocker – he confirmed this last night at the Kings game. Well, I suppose it was confirmed before last night, but this was another solid piece of evidence.

A lot of arenas have a certain rule: if you leave the building, you can’t come back in. That way there’s no shady ticket exchanges (two people come in with tickets, one guy leaves with both, gives the second to their third buddy waiting outside, etc.). There’s designated smoking areas for those who are so inclined to partake.

Well, Sheen went outside to do just that - but not in a smoking area - and was promptly denied re-entry, y’know, as all other humans would have been. He got upset. So upset, in fact, that he openly berated the lady who was diligent in not letting him back in (“I don’t care who he is,” she says). Of course, TMZ caught it on camera.

From Sheen, to the female security guard:

“You know what?  F*****g blow my balls, alright, you f*****g asshole.”

Geezus, Charlie. So clever!

He also suggests she’s a female dog, moments before saying into the camera:

“Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her.”

So…yeah. There’s that. Here are the two clips of his experience at the Kings game. (Again, not safe for work due to language) The second video of his walk into the Staples Center wasn’t exactly uneventful either.