Roberto Luongo has always been given a relatively hard time by the hockey media, Vancouver’s in particular. And, as we all have occasionally, he’s made a few missteps along the way that have exacerbated the problem (I’m thinking of the Tim Thomas “tire-pumping” comment in particular).

But then he got on Twitter.

Not openly, mind you, but under the alias @strombone1. He was immediately followed by a good number of the Vancouver Canucks, which was a hint that it was actually him. Harrison Mooney of Pass it to Bulis connected the dots. Hell, very informed Canucks writer Jason Botchford, tweeted this unwavering statement - ”It’s his account. Confirmed in the most definitive way imaginable.” The point is, it’s him. I’ve had it confirmed to me personally as well.

Luongo AKA @strombone1 agreed to a 1-on-1 twitter interview with Mooney yesterday, and it was fantastic. I can’t help but wonder: if Canucks fans and media had known that Luongo had a personality outside of cliched answers to dull questions, would he have had more success in Vancouver, or at least have been more beloved? I suspect he would have.

We’ll never know though - it seems like his time there is up.

Here are my three favourite questions & answers, followed by the link to the full conversation.



Ah, good stuff.

I won’t bite all of Mooney’s terrific interview though – you can enjoy the rest here:

PTIB talks with Twitter superstar @Strombone1, who may or may not be Roberto Luongo