Roberto Luongo has always been given a relatively hard time by the hockey media, Vancouver’s in particular. And, as we all have occasionally, he’s made a few missteps along the way that have exacerbated the problem (I’m thinking of the Tim Thomas “tire-pumping” comment in particular).

But then he got on Twitter.

Not openly, mind you, but under the alias @strombone1. He was immediately followed by a good number of the Vancouver Canucks, which was a hint that it was actually him. Harrison Mooney of Pass it to Bulis connected the dots. Hell, very informed Canucks writer Jason Botchford, tweeted this unwavering statement - ”It’s his account. Confirmed in the most definitive way imaginable.” The point is, it’s him. I’ve had it confirmed to me personally as well.

Luongo AKA @strombone1 agreed to a 1-on-1 twitter interview with Mooney yesterday, and it was fantastic. I can’t help but wonder: if Canucks fans and media had known that Luongo had a personality outside of cliched answers to dull questions, would he have had more success in Vancouver, or at least have been more beloved? I suspect he would have.

We’ll never know though - it seems like his time there is up.

Here are my three favourite questions & answers, followed by the link to the full conversation.



Ah, good stuff.

I won’t bite all of Mooney’s terrific interview though – you can enjoy the rest here:

PTIB talks with Twitter superstar @Strombone1, who may or may not be Roberto Luongo

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  1. He showed glimpses of it in his comedy pieces with James Duthie where he ran over Jamie McLennan and read a poem about Dustin Byfuglien.

    Would it have made him more likeable? I doubt it. People would just accuse him of not being serious enough. That’s the way it is in Vancouver. Markus Naslund was criticized as a Captain for not showing enough emotion. Luongo was criticized as a Captain for showing too much emotion.

    • Not just in Vancouver, any of the really big hockey markets, particularly in Canada. It’s nice that he has found a way to express himself without having people pounce on him. He doesn’t deserve the bad rap he has gotten. And it’s not just in Vancouver, the hockey media at large has had a hand in it.

  2. Lu’s just trying to open up the trade market by going viral.

  3. I’ve been pushing Lou to NJ, but I’d almost hate to see it happen, given the Devil’s “no twitter” policy…

  4. Why does anyone want to prove its him? Let’s not ruin it.

  5. So a hockey player shows a glimpse of personality and then he becomes “borderline hilarious?”

  6. I still WANT to KEEP both of our exelent Goalies . It’s a hard job sharing the load is better . Seems to be working here .

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