Impact Player

It’s no secret that we all have our biases whether they are rooted in reason or not. That hockey player who signed your t-shirt, took a picture with you and tousled your hair at a used car dealership? It doesn’t matter if they’re toiling away in the ECHL and will for the next 10 years, you love them, you want them to win, and you’ll forever think NHL GMs are idiots for not giving them a true shot. Odds are you cheer for the team you cheer because your parents sat you down one day and explained “this is what we do in our house” and that’s that. Again, there is no truly reasonable rationale here.

For player agents, it’s a different story. You have to like the players you represent regardless of how terrible they are, much like the used car salesman in the above scenario tried to peddle a Geo Metro to your parents while you met your own personal Mario Lemieux. You have to BELIEVE that your client is worth an NHL roster spot, much like a car salesman must believe that there is someone, ANYONE who will buy said Geo Metro.

Allan Walsh, NHL player agent, gave us some insight into the horse blinders that come with being a peddler of hockey talent.

Now, this isn’t to knock Sykora who has had a more than satisfactory NHL career to this point. It’s simply a thought that, most of us who watched that game didn’t take away a strong impression from Petr Sykora beyond “he dressed” and we’re content with that. An agent needs to be on top of his game at all times and I appreciate Mr. Walsh’s persistence in this instance.

To Allan Walsh, Petr Sykora made a difference. I own a Matt Stajan Leafs jersey because I was a fan of his with the Belleville Bulls and you have some weird thing you’re embarrassed to admit to and are too chicken to in the comments. That’s the beauty of being a sports fan. The only difference is we do it for free.