The press conferences accompanying the Stanley Cup playoffs have gotten much more attention than usual it seems. Between the John Tortorella 36 word odysseys, general Sutter-isms, Dave Tippett and general “I’d tell you what I think but I don’t want to pay for it” comments, these have been much more entertaining than your average pressers.

Today Darryl Sutter was a little… chagrined… with a question from the gallery that asked why game fours have given his team so much trouble. Apparently the inability to sweep every single team you face is a problem.

Here’s Sutter’s reaction.

I think the problems are inherent with a question that asks why a team has apparent trouble winning game four to close out a series. The part we should be looking at, and have for the most part, is why they keep going up on teams by such a substantial margin. The fact that they aren’t sweeping everyone during the highest point of parity in NHL history shouldn’t be a surprise. Realistically it’s the fact they are in this position in the first place that is the point of interest.

The New Jersey Devils finding a way to put off a sweep is not an indictment of the LA Kings, it’s an indictment of reality in the NHL. The NHL has many excellent hockey teams. It just so happens that the Kings have gotten really good at beating them lately.