I just saw this on Puck Daddy, Yahoo’s hockey blog – 86 year-old Cy Wilson is still playing rec hockey.

Exercise and a cold beer.”

I’m quickly approaching 30, and I do what I do on Tuesday nights for the exact same reason. Awesome. (By the way, I’m annoyed that he sent that guy in on a breakaway and dude couldn’t pull in the perfectly fine pass. Handle it!)

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  1. I play in my beer league with a couple of 70+ year olds. They are both awesome. I watch them every week and think to myself “Man… I hope that’s me in 30 years”.

  2. Dude is awesome.

  3. I work part-time at a golf course and I know a guy in his 70′s that comes out every morning with a few of his buddies and they play 18-holes of golf in about 2.5 hours. They walk the entire course and then they are sometimes back for more later in the day. This one guy in particular also plays hockey a couple nights a week during the winter.

    Guys like this are awesome!

    Thanks JTB.

    P.S. what lasts longer: your beer league career or the black business cards?

  4. My pop is 83 and is just recovering from an ATV accident. He broke his pelvis into three pieces,broke his sternum,3 ribs,and had about 10 miles of road rash. He’s back up walking,driving his new truck,and has already started firing up his 750 Honda motorcycle.He’s got a shirt that says “Old Guys Rule” You know what? THEY CERTAINLY DO! Way to go Mr Wilson!!!!

  5. If that is me in 60 years i shall die a complete man.

  6. Justin, glad to hear you’re finding fulfillment in beer league hockey now that you’re pro career is over. It really is about the love of the game and having a great time with the guys at the Rec level. I play with quite a few old timers and they are a joy to be around.

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