Deadmarsh playing with the Avs in 1998

There was some sad news out of Colorado on Friday as it was announced that former NHLer Adam Deadmarsh will be leaving the Avs as an assistant coach to work in player development for the team after concussion issues came up for him during the season. Adrian Dater broke the news but has since deleted the post from his blog for some reason or another. Luckily for us, Mile High Hockey has the pertinent quotes in tact which came from Deadmarsh’s wife, Christa.

“Adam was hurt (concussion issues) this season and decided that health/family and safety are his priority….Adam enjoyed coaching, but this was the right decision…….We are back in Idaho and will love being close to our family again:) Hello Idaho friends….we are home:)”

The news is certainly scary to say the least. Many of you will recall, assuming you are familiar with Deadmarsh’s career of course, that he was a very talented goal scorer whose playing days were consistently interrupted and ultimately cut short due to head injuries.

The long term implications of a situation like this underscore how little we know about concussion issues in a hockey context and their ability to recur. Deadmarsh played his last season in 2002-03 and now he has similar symptoms from an unknown incident which is prompting his retirement from coaching to a hands off development role. This is concerning and makes you wonder about the vulnerability of players who are struggling with these issues currently. Marc Savard and Chris Pronger immediately come to mind for me as guys who are in limbo due to these problems.

As for Deadmarsh, we can only hope that Adam gets well soon and puts these issues behind him so that he may, at the very least, live a quality life symptom free.