The problem with sports video games, and one that will exist forever until there is some sort of conclusive, continuous method developed to fix this, is when you buy a game a new, better one comes out next year. When the game is just a recycled version of last year’s with a more pertinent roster, it’s hard to get excited about it, but the EA team may have hooked me for NHL 13 with the developments here.

I’m not trying to sell you on this game — it’s not my job, I just found the interview on YouTube and it looked cool — but this thing looks pretty freaking sweet. The new skating system and actual strategy advances make it sound like a much more advanced step up from the previous incarnations. Plus, as far as I know, goalies are still live and I love running a goalie. Yes, I’m THAT GUY you play online. Deal with it. I also hit all of your defensemen from behind when we’re in a race for the puck on an icing.

Relevant aside: If you’re the gentleman who sent me that message when you played as the Bruins and I put Dennis Seidenberg out of the game, you need to watch your language.

I didn’t pick up a copy of NHL 12 out of concern for the sanity of the lady in my life who purchased NHL 11 for me with immediate regret. I think that may be due for a replacement.