Jonathan Quick has been nothing but immaculate for the brunt of the NHL playoffs. He has stymied every shooter he has faced, he has accomplished more from the splits position than any man playing hockey since Dominik Hasek, and he has grown a killer beard in the process.

All in all, it has been a net win for Quick and his reputation.

Unfortunately for Quick and his fans, game five didn’t start out too well. The Kings ‘tender came out back of his net and played a puck around it, which is usually a decent play, but it had Bryzgalov-esque quality written all over it as Zach Parise played it off the bounce and slid it home past a diving goaltender.

Too little, too late for the man in goal.

Certainly not the high point of Quick’s playoff run thus far. You also have to wonder how this game may have turned out differently had Justin Williams not rang a post just a few minutes prior to Quick’s gaffe in his own end. That makes it a whole different ballgame.

As a wise man once told me though, you can’t win ‘em all.