I have a weird obsession when I watch sports. This one isn’t about stats, I promise. I have no idea if this obsession is unique to me (it’s probably not) but whenever I bring it up around people I know I always get a semi-weird reaction. This is not wholly unusual for me as I’m generally a semi-weird person but there’s usually a better reason to get looked at like that. Or maybe people I know just take this stuff too seriously. Probably both. Now I’ve lost myself again. I do this a lot. Right, my thing. It happens moreso when I watch highlights rather than watching a game live (though I suppose replays play into this as well) but when I watch a goal scored, a game end, a home run hit, whatever, I love watching the reaction of the crowd. Even the bench. If you’re celebrating on the ice/field/court/what have you then good for you, but I’m not watching. At this point you might be asking “Jake, why the hell are you telling us this on a hockey blog?” and it would be a valid question. I’m telling you this because I really don’t want the Kings to win game 5.

This has nothing to do with loyalties as I have no horse in this race (oh…too soon I’ll Have Another fans?) and it has nothing to do with my wanting hockey to keep being a thing for as long as possible (though I definitely do). No, I’m rooting for the Devils in game 5 because I want to see the Cup won at home. I want to see the crowd’s reaction, counting down the final seconds of a Cup winning game. Or even better, the crowd exploding as a Cup winning OT goal is scored. I want to see one of those poor quality cell phone videos from the crowd on YouTube where everybody’s going ballistic and I get chills that only a Coach Taylor speech can give.

It’s kind of a dumb desire, I’ll admit, but it’s just been so long since I’ve been privy to it. The Cup hasn’t been won at home since the Ducks did it back in 2007. If you’re like me, your first reaction to this stat was “holy hell, it’s been five years since the Ducks won the cup?!” and if you’re not like me, consider yourself lucky. Point is, it’s been a while. So that’s where my rooting interest lies tonight (it’s LA and New Jersey and I’m a Leafs fan…I’m doing my best here). Maybe I’m alone in this, maybe I’m not, but sometimes a little cheese and a little cliché can be fun. And, come on Kings fans, don’t you want to be a part of something like this? Yeah, thought so. Go Devils (for now).

ps. Even if the Kings win at home it won’t top that video (because obviously) but it was the first one that popped into my head. Sorry.

Links to The Past

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  • Once again, never change LA Kings Twitter account. Never change.