Coach’s Corner was particularly poignant in its absurdity on Saturday night. While I understand that I’m totally playing into the hype machine by posting it here  — if you think this isn’t a strategy on their part, you’re insane, it’s all a publicity stunt — but this had to be shared.

Highlights include…

- Ilya Kovalchuk and Dainius Zubrus (a Lithuanian) are too busy thinking about Siberia to be playing hard. This of course neglects the fact that Kovalchuk is playing with a sports hernia and busted shoulder and probably shouldn’t be playing for two months. But again, Russians don’t care, they choke, narrative forwarding and such.

- The metric system is communist. This is odd because it originated in France which has actually been anything but communist in its history given the whole monarchy thing and Napoleon and modern democratic republic and whatnot. Crazy commies.

So yeah, there’s Coach’s Corner from Saturday. See ya Monday.

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