He was not faking.

Hockey is an emotional game. Tempers tend to run EXTREMELY high and sometimes you say things you don’t necessarily mean, or that things that aren’t necessarily valid, or things that nobody needs to hear at all. Luckily now that we have guys in between the benches with microphones we get to hear more and more of these things.

Game five was one of those nights.

As Anton Volchenkov skated by the Los Angeles bench, Glenn Healy left his microphone on so he could talk for some reason. Surely it had nothing to do with insightful analysis. At any rate, we got a glimpse into the jargon of hockey and what’s said on the ice.

Do not watch this if you don’t like shows on HBO, R-rated movies, or swearing at-large. It is very rude.

I’m going to throw it out there that Volchenkov was being genuine and that he was very much laboring as a result of the stick hitting him in the face.

Real blood.

Case in point is the picture here of him covered in blood. His own blood. Which is odd, because nobody who makes him bleed his own blood and lives to tell the tale.

I’d be careful if I were you, Mike Richards.

The point here is saying what they was really mean and the Kings ought to lighten up a bit. I mean come on, the guy is bleeding all over the bloody place (pun).

I’m sure there is a “Stay Classy San Diego” joke to be made here, but that seems inappropriate given the fact that Los Angeles isn’t San Diego. Though, I’m sure there is an equally funny joke to be made about Los Angeles and San Diego caring about their hockey teams equally so what the heck.

You stay classy, San Diego Los Angeles.

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  1. The score player sucks. Get over it and stick with youtube.

  2. Really? This warrants a post? About 200 words too long, IMO.

    • After the hubbub that came with Pierre McGuire choosing to not reveal what was said between DeBoer and Torts, I think Healy leaving his mic on at a bad time was worth it. I have no regrets.

  3. Haha! I actually find this so funny, when I heard this live in the game, I hoped someone heard it too!! Chris your the best, along with Justin :P. Keep up the good work!

  4. The player works fine and I am glad this was a post. I just wish I could have heard some more of what was said. I heard what they called him, but not what they told him.

  5. No shit tempers are running high! Players are constantly talking shit TO EACH OTHER. What about what NJ was saying to LA? Why try and make the Kings look bad? You’re just another biased asshat. Oh….and GO KINGS!!!

    • Yep, I was totally trying to make the Kings look bad and was not being sarcastic at all. Busted.

  6. Yeah i know the mic was on for THIS incident, and as such, it’s what we have to go on. But don’t act like it’s only LA that needs to “stay classy”. Every team does this. Just because you didn’t get an accidental mic feed from jersey doesn’t mean they aren’t doing the same shit.

  7. I hate the score video player, some addon I have for chrome makes it not work so I have to use an incognito window to watch them. 99% of the time I don’t.

    Just stop using it.

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