Did Bailey send the e-mail?

Vitriol is noticeably absent on the ice during this Stanley Cup final beyond some chirping here and there — as I type this Jarret Stoll gets off scot free from a boarding call while Steve Bernier heads to the dressing room, go figure — but some hatred has popped up between the two Public Relations departments.

The Kings on Monday sent an e-mail internally which conveyed some anger towards the Devils for some alleged shenanigans with the intermission stat sheets. Unfortunately whoever sent the e-mail apparently went to the Michael Scott school of sending e-mails to the right people because their media distribution list got a copy as well.

Here’s the excerpt.

“Jersey PR (whether it was their fault or not) didn’t get stats to our locker room until about two minutes left in the intermission. Our coaches were not happy about this. So we are going to do the same to them tomorrow.

“So unless you hear otherwise from me make sure their locker room does NOT get stats UNTIL about two minutes left to go in the intermission. Even if you literally have to eye the clock and wait. If they ask what’s taking so long just tell them our copy machines are down.”

For those of you who don’t know, it’s the responsibility of the PR department for the host team to provide both teams with stats during breaks in the play. This goes for hockey, basketball, football, etc. and fiddling with the process is just considered to be bad taste. It’s one thing if the Devils were actually fudging the numbers by not providing them to the Kings and it is even more spectacular that the Kings were planning their own espionage filled rebuttal.

Lesson to all of you: READ WHERE YOUR E-MAILS ARE GOING.

The internet is a nasty, terrible place where they WILL get out and people like myself WILL post them. If you have in fact done this before and have a particularly embarrassing story attached to it, please post it below. It’s for moments like this we have anonymous comments enabled.