That’s all she wrote folks. The Stanley Cup has been awarded, the champagne has been popped and our 2012 NHL Draft Preview is underway. All in all it was a thoroughly entertaining season.

Above is CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada playoff wrap up montage (it starts at ~10:05), and it is stellar as per usual if for no other reason than all the moments where you go “Hey, oh yeah, that happened.” It’s easy to forget that it has been a long playoffs. It feels like years ago that we were talking about the Philly/Pittsburgh bonanza or the Predators dusting aside the Red Wings. IT does for me, at least.

For you montage faithful I have game six of the Cup final as well as links to the other five here.

Leave us your thoughts on the season that was.

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  1. I know CBC didn’t cover the series, but got to feel bad for the Sharks for not getting included in the final playoff montage. I know they only played 5 games, but that series should have at least been acknowledged.

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