As a general rule, I don’t care for kids. I know, that’s terrible, but I’m just being honest. I’m going to love mine endlessly I’m sure (fingers crossed), but in general, I don’t fawn over other people’s tiny humans.

But 26-year old Jonathan Quick and his daughter Madison during yesterday’s Cup celebration were Drew-Brees-and-his-son level adorable, especially when she was unintentionally terrorizing the post-game presser. Pretty cool stuff.


Pic from Puck Daddy



She was never out of his sight for a minute.

You just can’t help but like Jonathan Quick. Always nice to see a guy with his priorities straight.


52 seconds of the press conference, From Huffington Post:

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  1. Ditto all of it. #M&Mcrisis

    You grew up with a bad ass for a dad… did you KNOW you had a bad ass for a dad or was he just Dad?

    Also, very glad I grew up in an age where my childish annoyances were never documented and put on YouTube. Like that time I swiped a finger-full of icing off a wedding cake WELL before the bride and groom even arrived at the reception. I still think that was a good call (even though I cried at the startling amount of attention it got me), but I don’t want it on the internet.

  2. I think that’s awesome. As a father of 2 daughters in that same age group I can say you can’t help but want to include them in everything. And even if it creates a little chaos then that’s okay because you want to share your joy with them. In all honesty, for a 2yr old with everything going on she seemed to do great. Very cool to see. Big fan of Quick.

    Think Coach Sutter plays Grandpa Sutter to the kids of the players?

    • I might be reading into it too much, but in the presser clip I think you can see Sutter is just a quick as Jon to switch his attention from the media to Madison when she starts coughing. Both he and Jon seem to be awesome dads.

  3. She is better the with media than her old man.

    “You just can’t help but like Jonathan Quick. Always nice to see a guy with his priorities straight.”

    I don’t like him. I think he is a bit of a dink to be honest, he has a bit of a ‘I’m better than you’ attitude (which may be the case) with the media and any non-King. I like that he is a good father, but every NHLer with kids always appears to be a good dad in front of the camera. As a Canuck fan I’ve seen the Raffi Torres, Matt Cooke, and Alex Burrows be doting husbands and fathers. Are they loveable to the average hockey fan?

    • Can’t say I’ve gotten that ‘I’m better than you’ vibe from Quick. I just assume most players (especially goalies, with the ‘could you have made more saves’ questions at times) are a bit stand-offish with media. From all accounts from his teammates, he’s a down-to-earth and easy-going guy.

      Then again, he is a goalie and they’re all headcases, right? : p

      • It seems weird to me that a Canucks fan doesn’t like Jonathon Quick. I just couldn’t understand why…

  4. man i jsut hope she didnt hear what quick had to say about his “F*ckn” team lol

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