"Hi, I'd like to hire someone to open-hand slap Justin Bourne in front of his wife and mother?"

I think Brian Burke is a great hockey mind. I like how he carries himself. His family is amazing, and has treated me great.

But, not everyone feels that way about Big B, so…

Here you have it, Leafs fans - on Brian Burke and the 8-seed:

 (s/t to @Tobes_McGobes for the great meme)

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  1. /sigh Context is everything, people /sigh

  2. have been seeing a lot of tweets like this in the past 12 hours.

    pretty typical proving the point that there are only 2 types of hockey fans out there…
    leaf fans
    anti-leaf fans.

    leafs didnt even play last night and still getting mentioned today!

    slight difference between limping into the east as #8…and the way LA came in on a tear in the west…not to mention the roster differences. hell…half the leafs played for the calder and couldnt even bring that home!

    • So true, haha, still getting mentioned. Comic made me laugh, and then feel sad :P

      To be fair, 3 of the AHL Leafs’ best fowards were hurt and missed whole the final series :)
      Zigomanis (regular season points leader), Kadri (10 pts in 11 playoff games), and Frattin (10 goals in 13 playoff games).
      Would have been tough to beat the Admirals even with them, though.

  3. I don’t get it.

  4. I expected more from you Mr. Bourne. Cheap shot, the Leafs are closer to the devils than the Kings anyway.

  5. Yeah… There is a massive difference between the Leafs and Kings…

  6. /sees that post ignores bit about trading youth away just to sneak in at 8th
    //disregards as inflammatory fluff piece

  7. Looks like the Leaf fans showed up for Pretzel night……

    And here come the “Whitey Whackers”

  8. zomg tha laffs r so bad.
    u guyz r stoopid 4 thinkin that u cud be anywhere as good as tha kings.
    laffs won’t win anything while that stoopid amerikin burke is in charge.
    1967 hahaha so stoopid laffs. u suk.

    • Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or if you really are as uneducated as your words portray you to be.

  9. Say what you want about Burke, but I’ve never seen him make himself look stupid by using an apostrophe to form a plural. Not so with whoever made this image.

    • That’s debatable.

      I checked this out too, however…found that it’s used both ways. I’d actually go with the ‘ because the Leafs are one team. Not multiple. It’s one of those things we’ll always comment on.

      Then again, if you’re a Leafs fan, there’s a good chance you’ll bitch about it because your team sucks.

      • It’s 100% wrong — there’s no possessive of the butts in this context. Have our butt’s *what* kicked? It’s either “have our (collective) butt kicked” or “have (all of our individual) butts kicked.”

    • Good call. People are dumb.

      • And where did you find it used both ways? It should only be used to pluralize a single letter. And bitching about grammar would have little to do with the success of your favourite hockey team. Well thought out. You can tell that the person who made the picture is in idiot by his use of the word “bro”. Always makes you sound like a moron

        • I agree it has to be just butt or butts, not butt’s or butts’.

          “Cool story bro” is a meme that’s used well in the image, though (usually used to dismiss someone’s story on a message board as irrelevant/pointless).

  10. Holy shit, Bourne! Here comes an “S!”

  11. That comment should result in Brian Burke’s firing. But this is Leaf Land, where logic need not apply

    • that comment should result in your firing, but this is an internet comment section and logic need not apply

  12. Trivia time! How many 8th seeds have ever won the Stanley Cup prior to 2012? A – 0, B – 0, C -0 , D – 0 or E – all of the above.

    Exception, not the rule – stop being stupid.

  13. Basically, this just comes off as you saying,

    “Hey, I write about hockey in Canada, and that means that I’m inundated with Leafs material and their fans because they are the largest fanbase in all of hockey. So, to take out my pent up anger regarding the disproportionate level of attention that they get, and because hating on them always gets me high fives from the Habs and Nucks fans, I’ll just post some passive-aggressive BS on the internet and pretend that I don’t actually realize that the Kings were picked by many before the season started to win the Stanley Cup, or at least make the SCF final as the representative from the West. I’ll ignore that they grossly underachieved for the majority of the season, before acquiring Jeff Carter, hiring Sutter to coach, and remembering how to score goals again. It’s just more fun to pretend that the Kings were representative of the actual talent level and acheivement reflective of same for an 8th seed. Even though this makes me look like I don’t actually know anything about hockey, and am just a useless troll-even though I’m apparently employed because of some familiarity with the game-I’ll post this because it allows me to take a shot at an easy target and feel like a hero.”

    I mean, that is pretty much what you’re saying here right? Seriously, I’m right aren’t I? Because otherwise, I think I’ve totally missed the point you were trying to make.

    • No, you’re right. That was the point I was trying to make all along.

      • Ok, then. But between Simmons and Cox I would have thought that the niche for trolling the Leafs from a media soapbox was filled.

  14. Why do ppl keep bringing this comment up, doesnt even make sense. The kings as an 8th seed are a total different team then an 8th seeded leafs team. I personally hate the leafs and Burke but all he meant was that with the players he has as an 8th seed would of got destroyed in the first round. The kings as an 8th seed just meant they didnt play as well during the season but have loads more talent then the leafs give me a break with this burke 8th seed crap.


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