A fair amount of attention has been given to the Los Angeles Kings’ post-season domination this Spring, including multiple Cup of Joe posts here at Backhand Shelf. Obviously, with those posts came the frequent mention of the historic Playoffs that goaltender Jonathan Quick enjoyed.

In terms of statistics, you can make a seriously legitimate argument that Quick just completed the greatest post-season goaltending performance in NHL history.

As I’ve mentioned before, the guy finished tied for the best save percentage (minimum 10 starts) since the stat has been officially recorded and the third-best goals against average (minimum 10 starts) in one post-season ever.

And yet for some reason, I get the feeling that as time passes, Jonathan Quick’s sparkling Spring isn’t going to be remembered as it should be, as other great goaltending performances (Dryden, Roy, Hasek, Giguere, just to name a few) have been remembered over time.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because the Kings, as a team, were just so damn good in the Playoffs. Maybe it’s because Quick didn’t necessarily look to be rescuing his team or stealing games that his team had no business being in, like the other goalies I mentioned did in their memorable Playoff runs.

Who knows? I just have the feeling that despite putting up numbers comparable to and in most cases better than some of the best goaltending performances we’ve ever seen, Quick’s 2012 run won’t be remembered and cherished as those others were.

I hope I’m wrong, and hope we all put what Quick did over the last two months in a special mental time capsule.

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  1. I think if Quick’s career continues to be great (not necessarily NHL record breaking great – but still great) he’ll be remembered. Right now he’s in “flash in the pan” territory. Personally I think he will continue and a decade from now he’ll be mentioned along with your list, let’s hope I’m right!

    • Quick has been a starter in the league long enough to not be a “flash-in-the-pan”. He’s going to be a starter in the league long after this season. The names that Joe just mentioned all had memorable Play-Off Runs. This is what he’s referring to.

      Say “Giguere” & “Play-Off Run”, you’ll probably think of the Ducks run the 1st time thru, when they actually lost to the Devils in the Finals, before you think of them actually winning the Cup.

      Hasek carried Buffalo to the Finals… Roy coming out of nowhere to lead Montreal as rookie… His 2nd big run with the Avalanche after being traded from Montreal…

      LA was so dominating through their march to the Cup, Joe is afraid that Jonathan Quick’s individual performance will be lost in the mix. Which would be a shame.

  2. Does anyone else actually care about hockey in the States anymore? I feel like they should ship as many teams as they can north of the border. That way, American TV ratings won’t matter anymore. Obviously it won’t ever happen, but a guy can dream.

  3. YEah i agree because of Rinne, Thomas, Niemi, Giguere, and other flavor of the year goaltenders people will be hesitant to carry Quick on their shoulders. No doubt he has earned the respect, no of approval, and “props” of the NHL fan base but he is not yet loved, like Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Giroux, except of course by LA fans. Not to say that wont change in the upcoming season when general hockey fans start tuning back in and hear his name every game whether he’s in there or not.

    • Rinne’s been real good for a number of years now – a little unfair to lump him into that group.

  4. There’s two points to keep in mind re: Quick:

    1. Although he turned his game up in the regular season this year, the real difference was that he improved by a LOT in the playoffs. Taking out one insane performance against San Jose in the playoffs last year (Game 5), he was pretty awful in the previous two postseasons. While I don’t think his SV% is going to keep increasing, I don’t think he’s going to drop too much from his peak.

    2. If the NHL goes to Sochi, he’s the prohibitive favourite to be Team USA’s starter. Considering how that took Ryan Miller from relative anonymity to well-known while he was playing in Buffalo, it could do great things for Quick if he plays as well.

    (Yes, I recognise that I will hopefully have to cheer against Quick come 2014. No, I don’t like the idea. Can we grant him Canadian citizenship?)

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